Chicago's Isaiah G Drops New EP, "KNOWSPACE"

In time for his 21st birthday, Chicago rapper Isaiah G dropped a new EP, titled KNOWSPACE. The project includes three previously unreleased tracks from Isaiah, including “Panda Express” which features fellow Chicagoan Duffle Bag Buru.

The EP’s title is a nod to the spacey, atmospheric vibe that Isaiah has channeled into his music, and throughout KNOWSPACE, he also offers listeners an in-depth look at his innermost thoughts. Whether contemplating his place in life on “Solstice” or letting off steam on “1 Train,” Isaiah relies on his mind as the ammo for his raps, turning abstract thinking into hard-hitting bars. His flows are often fast and long-winded, coming off like one long sentence and jam-packed with material that’s asking to be dissected. Producers Aaron Deux and Cameron Butler lay the groundwork for Isaiah to let loose on, assembling an array of chill, synthy beats. With bits of lo-fi and boom-bap in the mix, the production is often relatively stripped-down, allowing Isaiah’s vocals to float above everything else.


Isaiah at the HAIGHT Brand office in Chicago. Photo by Mike del Ro.

Currently studying aerospace engineering at the University of Illinois, the cosmic aesthetic of KNOWSPACE is befitting for Isaiah. It’s a sound that allows him to stand out as he once again proves his undeniable rap skills and demonstrates why he’s one of the most promising new voices coming out of the Chicago hip-hop scene right now.

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