Listen to Raised by the Internet’s New Compilation Project, "Motherboard"

17-year-old artist Jelani Aryeh made waves last summer with his debut EP, “Suburban Destinesia.” In an interview with Pigeons and Planes, Aryeh explained that he’d created the project with an art collective he founded called Raised by the Internet. Comprised of vocalists, rappers, producers, graphic designers and photographers, the group has around 20 members spanning from California to the Netherlands who met over a Brockhampton fan forum. Today, Raised by the Internet has released their first group project, titled “Motherboard.”

With so many artists on the roster, it’s hard to keep track of who’s who on “Motherboard,” but regardless, this compilation is a testament to the potential this group has going for them. Over a similar kind of bedroom-style, dreamy vibe that prevailed all over Aryeh’s solo EP, RBTI find multiple niches throughout these 11 tracks. On songs like the guitar-heavy “Revolver,” Aryeh and Roy Palace deliver delicate melodies that lament a love lost. Things take a more aggressive turn on “Police,” with Jasper Typical and Sam Frost trading bravado-infused bars over more trap-style production. The squad unites on the closing track “Malware” with each member taking shots at those who’ve tried to hold them back.

There probably couldn’t be a more fitting name for Raised by the Internet. Following in the footsteps of Brockhampton (who met on KanyeToThe,) RBTI are a testament to the unifying powers of the internet for young creatives. A group of kids who’ve never met before can get together and make something without any external barriers in the way. “Motherboard” is the product of this unprecedented level of creative freedom and a mere glimpse at what this group has in store.

Credits & tracklist:


Mixed and Mastered by Jack Kolbe, Sam Frost, Vue Pointe, and Asha Imuno
Art Direction by JCBS and Dan Hart-Davies

Contributors: Jelani Aryeh, Troi Blank, Asha Imuno, Roy Palace, Ryan Clephane, Sam Frost, JCBS, Dan Hart-Davies, Jack Kolbe, Vue Pointe, Antstat, Jasper Typical, Michael Williams, SWYM, Jacuzzi Smith, Avery Cyr, yves, Will Pratt, Wave-O, and Rob Midnight.

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