Chicago Producer Glassic Reworks SZA’s “Love Galore”

“Love Galore” was one of the biggest songs off SZA’s stellar “CTRL” album last year. With its hypnotic hook, syrupy vocals and sparse production style, the Travis Scott-assisted banger possesses a lot of elements practically begging to be rearranged and tinkered with. This week, Chicago-based producer Glassic did just that on his remix of the hit single. Glassic cranks the bass up a couple notches and chops SZA’s vocals up into repeating samples that reemphasize the already mesmerizing effect her soulful vocals have. When it comes time for La Flame’s verse, Glassic takes things to another level, building up a synth-driven collage of sounds with Travis’ iconic voice holding everything together. By taking the best elements and adding a new bouncy flair to the mix, Glassic has delivered a refreshing rendition that rivals the original version.

Artwork by DJ Diabetes

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