Stream Chicago Songwriter VICTOR!’s latest track, “Suburb Boy”

Chicago songwriter VICTOR! first caught my ear on his last single, “Tinder Song.” His bedroom-style production matched with candid, catchy lyricism stuck in my head for days and quickly had me digging through the rest of his Soundcloud page.

This week, VICTOR! returns with “Suburb Boy,” a new track that builds off the most distinct elements of VICTOR!’s music while also unveiling new sides to his abilities as an artists. Over a gloomy synth pad and a lo-fi drum loop, VICTOR! comes off more aggressive on this track, relying on flows and rhymes to hold a listener’s attention as opposed to just his vocal melodies. “You mad ’cause you drop shit and nobody listens except for your friends, that ain’t good for your health,” he calls out, seemingly taking shots at someone who’s all talk. Along with the bravado, VICTOR! also shows vulnerability throughout the track, giving “Suburb Boy” more depth than just an average diss track.

Listen to “Suburb Boy” above and keep an eye out for our featured interview with VICTOR! this Friday as part of our Artist of the Week series.

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