Kanyetothe Talent Showcase

This is a first piece of what is to become a weekly series where I will be diving into various artist submissions from Kanyetothe‘s creative showcase board. Kanyetothe is a highly trafficked music forum that has created various popular acts, the most notable being the popular boy band Brockhampton. If you’re a member of Kanyetothe and would like to have your piece featured in another weekly showcase post a link to your music here.



To start it off, King Acne is a Los Angeles based artist that has been posting on soundcloud and other sites for over a year. “Summers Over” is an older track but is featured on his recent playlist “No Exit on Commonwealth Ave”. Its production is set to a moody trap beat. Starting off the track, Acne’s singing flows extremely well into his rapping, and in his rapping you see his true talent. Acne has a deep voice that almost sounds like it’s God’s voice booming from the heavens. His lyrics depict a dark past in his home of Commonwealth, while also depicting a dark future in the oncoming winter. Throughout the track, Acne touches on very dark subjects, racism, depression, violence and others. He touches on the deeper topics without it sounding corny or unoriginal. Acne’s talent is well worth the listen and is one of my favorite tracks I have reviewed.

King Acne is well worth your attention, check out his soundcloud and twitter.


The second piece is by an artist known as HIMOVERTHERE, a R&B and hip-hop artist with less than fifteen followers on twitter but a voice that should be heard nationwide. “AndGo” is a trap themed R&B song, where HIMOVERTHERE sings to his girlfriend as he pleads for her to not break up with him. He emphasizes the love for this girlfriend by calling her “his mind and soul” as he leaves his stuff at the door and speaks his heartbroken mind to his lover. The song’s hook “I leave my shit at the door, you tell me pick up my stuff and go”, is extremely catchy and well sung.

Check out more from HIMOVERTHERE on his twitter and soundcloud.


The next song is called “Superstar”. It’s a slow-paced moody piece as Hame sings out to a lover. A guitar plays over amazing production as Hame sings about the pain he and his significant other are feeling. The basic Microsoft paint made cover adds to the overall dark and gritty vibe of the song. His lyrics speak of a dark future that he is not ready to speak to his lover about.

Check out more of Hame’s work on his soundcloud



“Same Old Song” is a new release from an artist known as Princy Kartii. Kartii has amassed a decent following on his twitter with over seven thousand followers. The song starts slow and relaxed with the sounds of a guitar before you start to hear Kartii moan and grunt as the beat drops. His style of production and singing can easily be compared to that of the Weeknd, but being similar to one of the most popular artists of this decade isn’t a bad thing. He sings out to a girl who wasn’t there for him when he needed her but now is coming back around because he is doing well. The intense production makes this song sound beautiful in your car and should be on anyone’s R&B playlist.

View Princy Kartii’s soundcloud and twitter here

Darren is a new artist, but a talented one. He has only been posting music for six months and outside of a six track project, this is his only showing. Here Darren remixes Louis B and Travis Scott’s  track “White Dress” that came out in early 2017. Darren plays the role of Louis B in this song as Darren elected to keep verses from Travis. The transition from Travis Scott’s highly processed voice to Darren’s raw voice can be rough at times but also provides a certain edge to Darren’s verses. Although he doesn’t out perform Travis, Darren is able to hold his own with the world-renowned Houston artist.

Check out Darren on his youtube and website here.

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