Get Uplifted to Curtis Roach’s “Highly Caffeinated” Project

Emerging Detroit rapper Curtis Roach has served up nothing but positive vibes on his third project. Following his decision to dropout of college in pursuit of his musical ambitions, “Highly Caffeinated” asserts Roach’s eagerness to make a name for himself.

This aptly-titled project plays like a musical espresso shot, with Roach’s crafty lyricism awakening a sense of wisdom beyond his years. Backing his flows are lively instrumentals (influenced by lo-fi, jazz and classic hip-hop) that sound like the type of music you would listen to when you’re just trying to get shit done. It’s easy to instantly vibe with but if you give it a closer listen, you uncover the lyrical complexity that Roach has delivered for listeners to get entrenched in.

Memorable moments include the track “22,” where he laments the loss of his father at a young age. Producer Quickly, Quickly supplies a choir of swirling synths, an uplifting accompaniment to Roach’s self-reflection. When you hear the Detroit emcee’s interpolation of Beenie Man’s “Memories” on the song “Colored Shirts,” he’ll have you instantly singing along with the familiar melody.

“Highly Caffeinated” is the type of project you go to when you just want to feel good. Roach’s youthful, raspy voice possess the power to get you to the other side of whatever you may be going through. On his third project, Roach embodies a textbook emcee with a sound big enough to breakthrough the current underground hip-hop landscape.

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