Anfa Rose gets Tipsy on new Track Drunk

Anfa Rose is an Australian singer and rapper, Rose prides himself on always putting “purpose” into his music. Highly talented, Rose has created a buzz for himself online the past few years, he was featured on several prominent hip-hop news sites. Along with having more than a handful of songs with over one hundred thousand views on Soundcloud. Originally from Morroco, Anfa Rose was forced to play piano by his mother from a young age, eventually learning several instruments. Rose is a true artist, mastering both music and creating, designing his own album cover for his project “Dopamine.” To go with his mastery of the arts, West freestyles all of his music, he calls the production his canvas and that his singing maps out the portrait.

On his newest song “Drunk”, Anfa Rose looks to JOY. and DOPAM!NE for production. The duo create a harmonious beat that fits very well with Anfa Rose’s trap R&B style singing. “Drunk” is a well crafted song where Rose is speaking to a girl who he is seeing but times have gotten rough. He still has feelings however, in the hook he sings “I just wanna press rewind, back when it wasn’t so complicated between you and I.” The times he has the strongest feelings for her however is when he is drunk.

“Drunk” is an extremely pleasant and addictive listen, the three minute and twenty-eight seconds this track runs are a large serving of ear candy.


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