Chicago’s Vee Miyagi Returns with “Sacrifices”

Chicago rapper Vee Miyagi has emerged for the first time in 2018 with a heavy new track titled “Sacrifices.”

Vee focusses on staying true to himself and what makes his art unique, proclaiming, “no disrespect, but my perspective gotta be the nicest” on the hook. Never one to ride waves in the rap game, Vee’s standout ability is his sheer mastery of wordplay, and he let’s his skills really shine here. Over 2-minutes-and-20-seconds, Vee rattles bar after impactful bar, focussing mostly on institutional racism in the black community. He paints vivid and stark images through his wordplay, filling up the beat with lines that you’ll need to rewind again and again before they all really sink in. Vee is undoubtedly committed to rap as a craft, and that expert-level craftsmanship becomes more apparent on “Sacrifices” as he raps circles around anyone trying to silence his voice. Stream the song above via 12PM.

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