Daydream with Dial Up’s Dave Prime in “Joyride”

Following their “Promo” visual which dropped earlier this month, Dial Up are back with a brand new video titled “Joyride.” Dave Prime, a founding member of the group, rides solo on this mesmerizing cut which he also produced. As his vocals loop in the background, Dave seeks to reconnect with his love and escape with her over ethereal production packed with a Neptunes-like punch. The visuals accompany this sense of fantasy escapism, as Dave bikes through a forest, adorned in a luchador mask under purple tinted skies. Dial Up director Link Wolfe expertly crafts striking shots and colors that emphasize the mysticism underlying this song.

Get more familiar with the Dial Up collective on our write-up for “Promo.” The group is dropping their debut mixtape “Dial Up CD (Side A)” soon, and if these past two videos are any indication, they definitely have something special in the works.

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