Anika K Shakes Off Distractions With New Song, “Focus”

2017 was a huge year for female artists. The momentum artists such as SZA, Rapsody, Cardi B, (just to name a few) generated is certain to not only be infectious but carry over into 2018. In fact, there’s already proof of this.

Anika K keeps the ball rolling with her new song titled, “Focus”, released January 7th of this year. The song is all makes no misses as Anika’s dream-like, angelic voice skates over the instrumental. Picture a seasoned ice skater effortlessly crushing moves you probably couldn’t even do in shoes, let alone ice skates. That’s just what her voice is like. Not only does the song sound good, but the content touches you. The song gives the vibe of a dimly lit room with a woman contemplating life (nothing more dangerous). Anika details distractions of a recent lover and losing her focus but more interesting is how she presents this theme. She presents losing her focus in a way that makes even the listener feel guilty. Seemingly taking the place of said distraction, or guy Anika sings about, is CJ Francis IV, a feature on the song. His feature provides balance in content and song. In his semi automatic flow CJ Francis concludes that perfectness doesn’t exist so what else does she want from him?

Anika K has an EP coming soon. Follow her Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

Listen to Anika K’s track, “Focus” below.

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