Miles Canady Is One Of Us!

Miles Canady is no stranger to Color & Rhyme’s spotlight. From covering to his song “Arizona” and eventually his EP, Prince Pastel, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t admit we love what Miles is about. His meek and introverted personality is something most of us can relate to but also gives him that down to earth, good dude archetype. Yet, still much is unknown.

On the climb to a very successful year, Color & Rhyme names Miles Canady, artist of the week! I got the chance to talk to Miles about his family’s contribution to his creative process, wrestling, and his alter ego, Prince Pastel. Read the full Q&A below.


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Where are you from?

I’m from Arlington, Texas. Just a few minutes from Dallas.

How was growing up in that area?

Pretty quiet. Nothing really happened, but as I grew, I started to notice a lot of people had the same mentality towards things or wanted to act the same way, and that I was different.

That’s interesting. In music hubs like Atlanta or New York you see a lot of people having that passion for creating music. Would you say that’s something that’s missing in Arlington?

I’d say it’s not, it’s just the support that’s missing. The DFW area has lots of hidden talent, and with the right amount of support, it could easily become a hub like Atlanta or Chicago.

Yeah. Both those cities have huge support systems. Any artists or songs early on in your life that you really liked?

“This Love” by Maroon 5 and “Slow Jamz” by Kanye are the first two songs I ever remember hearing, so those definitely. Anything by Pharrell or Justin Timberlake was right after that, so them, Ye and Wayne soundtracked most of my childhood.

I hear elements from those artists in your music. Keeping that in mind, what led you to making music?

Seeing my brother make music when I was younger was the tipping point of me trying it and falling in love with it.

So your brother is an artist too?

Yeah. He’s been doing this for a while and he’s one of the main people that inspired me to start making music.

That’s awesome. So the talent runs in the family. Have you done any music with him yet?

He was featured on my album, but that’s it so far. We’re planning on doing an EP together sometime down the road.

I was wondering about the sole feature on the project. I figured that person must be important if it was the only feature. Does family hold importance in your creative process?

He was actually featured on Introvert, not my EP, Prince Pastel. The one feature on the EP was actually a friend from Austin, Pyeatt! But to answer your question, family does hold pretty significant importance in creating. I play stuff for my sister all the time to get her opinion on it, for example.

Makes sense. Not to go back to your brother but do you ask for his advice when it comes to music at times?

From time to time. Mainly when I want to do something that I don’t have much experience in or knowledge about.

Photo by @omega_sere

How did the idea of an alter ego come about. Is that something that has always been apparent to you?

The persona has always been there, but the alter ego part of it didn’t become apparent until I hit an emotional low point near the end of last summer. It started with the idea of writing from a braggadocious perspective and eventually blossomed into the EP and alter ego.

What was that low point if you don’t mind me asking?

It was a relationship that was super toxic, and the breakup that followed.

Did writing and making music from that persona help with how you were feeling?

It helped a lot actually. It reminded me of who I am. I’m in a way better place now than I was all those months ago.

This last project was all Prince Pastel. Your next one, I assume, will be all Miles Canady. How does Miles approach a project opposed to Prince Pastel. Are they both writing from that same place of that toxic relationship?

Prince Pastel touched on it on “No, We Can’t Talk,” but only on surface level. Miles is addressing it fully and attempting to heal from it on this next album.

Speaking of Prince Pastel what’s a typical day like for him?

It’s like a day for Miles just going to school or whatever else, but almost breezing through it with more confidence & smoothness than Miles would.

Outside of music what do you like doing?

I’ve actually just recently started to get back into my hobbies outside of music. I’ve been getting back into gaming, watching movies and anime, and I’m planning on getting back into comics and maybe finding one more thing too.

Got into Fortnite yet?

Not yet. All my friends have been pushing me to play it but I haven’t been able to tear myself away from WWE 2K18 for the past month or two.

Ah so you’re a wrestling fan?

Yeah, that’s actually another hobby I’ve gotten back into.

I heard everyone talking about some big event recently. What was it?

Photo by @omega_sere

That must’ve been the Royal Rumble. It’s one of the biggest WWE events of the year.

That’s right. I used to love wrestling growing up. Around the time John Cena became the face of RAW is when I fell off. Batista was my favorite because the channel Smackdown was on was the only one I could get in my room at the time. Who’re some of your favorite wrestlers?

I’ll always have a soft spot for John Cena and Jeff Hardy since I grew up watching them. My favorites as of right now are Shinsuke Nakamura, Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor though.

What do you think it is that’s so appealing about wrestling that you watch it? With all the vibrant personalities is it possible the Prince Pastel idea could’ve arose from there?

Definitely. Wrestling helped me realize that sky is the limit when it comes to being a character and that ultimately led to the idea of Prince Pastel being detailed & executed like it has.

Is there anything you have planned for the year people should know about?

I have a weekly series of songs planned to start within the next few months, and an album that I aim to have out by the end of the year!

Dope. I’ll definitely be looking forward to it. Anything else you’d like to talk about that we didn’t cover?

Nothing else, I think we got everything!

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