Chicago’s D2X Hits the Reset Button on “Nites”

D2X is an emerging Chicago rapper with a straight-bars style and the ability to turn personal thoughts into universally relatable verses. He puts his strengths front-and-center on his latest song and first release of 2018, “Nites.” GLOhan Beats, known for his work with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, meets D2X’s steady flows with crisp 808s and moody piano samples. Over rolling hi-hats, D2X takes a moment to reflect and treats the beat like a reset button for things that went wrong in the past. It’s as if he’s rapping while looking in a mirror, letting us in on the thoughts that run through his head when he’s all alone. In a way, “Nites” feels like a calm before the storm moment, leaving listeners wondering what else the promising lyricist has up his sleeve.

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