KC Ortiz Finds Her Voice in New Music Video, “Shut Up”

Chicago hip-hop artist KC Ortiz is serving all the positive vibes.¬†With the release of two mixtapes in 2017, Ortiz has discovered how to weave her unique perspective on life into intense, honest lyrics. Through spending time in the military, leaving abusive relationships, and being transgender, the experiences she’s been through have no doubt shaped her voice. That connection to herself, and her spirituality, is the main focus of her latest video for the song “Shut Up.” On the track, she’s silencing the voices in her head and refusing to be boxed in by others’ preconceived notions. Interspersed with audio from a pastor’s sermon, she also is finding strength in religion. The video matches this theme of empowerment, as KC flexes in a wig shop and dances in an abandoned church alone. Watch the visual directed by¬†Vincent Martell below:

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