Fall Into VICTOR!’s latest track, “Each Other” feat. Billy Lemos

Seventeen year old Chicago artist VICTOR! wears his emotions proudly on his sleeves. His work ethic is one of the hardest in the scene, as he crafts marvelous anthems on emotions, love and his hometown all from the comfort of his bedroom. He’s really been gaining traction since his Soundcloud debut last year and has been featured in several pieces on Color and Rhyme. He has also been teasing the release of his debut album 2000, which will be releasing later this year.

Today, VICTOR! has shared his newest song “Each Other.” For this track, he teamed up with talented Malibu producer Billy Lemos. Lemos has worked with talented acts such as Omar Apollo in the past. Lemos’s skills were put to good work in “Each Other”, and the easygoing production really helps to paint VICTOR’s words into a clear picture. VICTOR’s talent and storytelling are what set the song over the top, however. He tells the tale of a young man attempting to fix the complications of a broken relationship. Overall the song is extremely well crafted and worth more than just one listen.

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