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Jasper Typical Leaves his Mark on Valentines day With “Wallflower”

Portland artist Jasper Typical’s music is relatable and engrossing. Typical is one head of the talented snake known as “Raised By the Internet”, he and his group dropped their first album in early January. Typical has followed¬† group success with some amazing solo work of his own however, Typical’s singing is calming yet engaging as he tells his tales of young love.

“Wallflower” is no different, last week Typical told Color and Rhyme about his up coming Valentines day release with much excitement. The young singer was right to have that passion, if one had to put “Wallflower” into just a word it would be “Beautiful.”¬† The two minute and fifty six second run time tells a engaging story of love that will remind everyone of the special someone in their life.


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