Brockhampton Hosts Meet & Greet, Exclusive Merch Store at RSVP Gallery Chicago

The California-based boy band/hip-hop group collaborated with RSVP Gallery in Wicker Park, Chicago for a Meet & Greet and exclusive merchandise. (left by Brett Kaufman, right via RSVP Gallery)

Before their February 19th show at House of Blues Chicago, fans gathered outside RSVP Gallery in anticipation to meet the self-proclaimed “best boy band in the world,” as well as purchase one of two, RSVP & Brockhampton exclusive t-shirts in either black or red. Fans waited upwards of seven hours in the rain to meet the creators of the “Saturation” trilogy, as the small store was at max capacity until the band had to leave to make their 7PM concert downtown. The 7PM show concluded Brockhampton’s back-to-back night concert stay in the city as the group continues their “Love Your Parents” tour.

RSVP Gallery, a clothing boutique created by fashion icons Don C and Virgil Abloh, held a similar event for Travis Scott’s album Rodeo in 2015. The high-end fashion store is known for its involvement in music events, as well as collaborations with musicians. Since opening their doors in 2009, RSVP Gallery has become a staple in the fashion industry, featuring products and collaborations from the likes of Chanel, Off-White, Bape, Raf Simmons, and others.

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