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Move Around With Charlotte’s Yung Bizzle

Yung Bizzle is a vibrant artist, and his style expresses the culture of the many cities he’s lived in over the years. Bizzle or YB has linked up with some of the best in Charlotte’s rap scene. His popularity skyrocketed three years ago, after a breathtaking verse on “New Charlotte”— a massive collaboration between Carolina-based artists. As time has passed Bizzle has lived up to his hype. After several hot tracks and projects, he stands near the top of the North Carolina hip-hop domain.

To start it off, this week your dropped a song titled “When Vultures Cry.” Could you tell the readers about it?

Yeah man, I basically was addicted to the original song by Kodak he just dropped not too long ago. The beat was kinda hypnotizing so I decided to just hop on that joint and put my own lil story to it. Something quick.

What was it like growing up, how would you describe your environment?

I grew up in multiple places really. I was born in Philadelphia, PA (Go Eagles!) where we stayed in a typical hood. It wasn’t run down but it definitely wasn’t the suburbs you feel me. One of the neighbors got killed and eventually we ended up moving because the city was so bad at the time. Eventually moved down south to Whiteville, NC where the city was way smaller man, and right now it’s ranked top 5 worst cities to stay in in N.C; haha so yeah. The crime to population [ratio] is bad. Same situation, but I feel like no matter where you go it’s trouble. We did a lot of dumb shit at a early age, like gang banging, smoking weed, all type of shit. By the time I made it to 10th grade I moved to Charlotte, bigger city same shit haha.

You’re always repping “Over Grind or Die,” but what does “Over Grind or Die” mean?

It means put in that overtime or you’re dead. If you ain’t grinding you ain’t living. And if you ain’t living you dead out here. Basically keep a work ethic, cause you can always do more and achieve more.

What motivated you to get involved in music?

It’s always been a thing. I remember writing down raps in middle school during class haha. I guess it was just a lil hobby because I’m a big fan of music itself, not just of me rapping. I had a boy named Cherry and he showed me how to record myself, and I just been stuck on it since.

Who inspired you growing up?

First off my mom. Mostly living in a one parent home, you think about how hard stuff can be right now then you’re like damn I know it was hard tryna raise me and my brother with hardly no help. That’s some real shit. And I’d say Allen Iverson. that’s who I really looked up to. I wanted to be just like him haha big tee’s, big earrings, chains, and play basketball. He a hood legend.

A few years ago you stated in one of your songs that you were on probation. Are you still today, also can you communicate how you’ve grown since then?

I been on probation twice. Once for 6 months and the last time it was for 2 years. I’m off probation now thank God, but it smartened me up. Shit is mad annoying, and you just like man I can’t be out here moving crazy because that’s not the move at all.

You played a big role in the song “New Charlotte” a few years ago,
what was it like coming together with all those local artists?

It was cool man, working together on something like that. You don’t typically see stuff like that coming outta here because everyone is to their self or to their own camp. Shoutout to Deniro [Farrar] playing assist man.

Charlotte’s rap scene is full of different styles, how would you put it into words?

Charlotte’s rap scene is amazing. So many different sounds, you can pick and choose. Charlotte’s definitely on the way up, it’s going global.

If you scroll through your twitter you constantly tweet about James Harden, why are you a fan of Harden?

Haha James Harden is a basketball God! The best SG in the world, it’s facts. He can do whatever with that rock man. I been a fan since OKC days when he was 6th man. No Harden slander allowed around me.

Any last words for the readers?

This year I’m dropping crazy visuals, and I just want to shoutout all the real ones who been down! Oh yea, the Eagles will win another super bowl next year.

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