Nashville Indie Band Arlie Drops Third Single, “”

This weekend, the band Arlie is coming to Chicago for their stop at Schubas Tavern on their national tour. Self-described as “lo-fi sc-ifi wi-fi psychtyke-surfturf-bedroomheadroom moptop doowop bebop tweepop,” they’re definitely something of a mystery. Having just released their third single on Tuesday, “” is a relaxed number featuring robust guitar and clever, sardonic vocals. It manages to be retro while remaining fresh.

Their other two songs, “Didya Think” and “Big Fat Mouth,” have racked up a combined 2.5 million plays on Spotify and tens of thousands of listens on SoundCloud. Their penchant for visuals isn’t to be overlooked either—they seem to bounce between psychedelic collages and filtered polaroids. Their tour poster, their Facebook profile picture, the cover for “Didya Think,” and their Instagram profile picuture all feature some combination of a pink moon-looking surface, an orange wheel seemingly standing in for a sun, some bright blue waves and images of band members with instruments all pasted together. Keep an eye on them if you’re interested in learning a little more about this band on their own tour without many released songs.

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