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Crosby Talks His Latest Album, Gaming and North Carolina

Crosby is a gifted young MC from Chapel Hill. Like many of North Carolina’s residents, Crosby isn’t originally from the Carolinas. North Carolina is a true melting pot of music culture, and in it you can find artists of all different varieties and flavors. Crosby doesn’t fit into the mold of any style: at first listen you could compare his music to that of Earl Sweatshirt, but one could also say Crosby gets a lot from New York’s trap music scene. Crosby’s approach is truly his own, as he mixes dark, vivid lyricism with melodic elements and intense production.

Crosby (right) alongside collaborator Cameron Butler.

ago you dropped your album “Almost Sleep.” Describe it to the people who haven’t heard it yet?

A few weeks ago you dropped your album “Almost Sleep.” Describe it to the people who haven’t heard it yet.

I like to think of it as therapy, mentally and musically. I got personal on a lot of the songs as I have in the past, but I found more interesting ways to incorporate what I wanted to say. A lot of the album talks about depression, coping and just getting through life. It all bangs though. I tried to make sure that whatever the mood, the album still rides.

What’s your favorite track from the album and describe the thought process while you created it?

My favorite changes a lot but right now “Track Meet” is up there. [Cameron Butler] and I really snapped. I sent it to Cam one day before I went to work and he sent the verse back while I was still on the damn clock. I wrote my verse on my break and recorded it as soon as I got home. On songs like that I don’t really have a process, I just start writing and the bars start coming together. A lot of my songs have the same core themes, I just try to find ways to present them differently.


Previously you listed Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, Robb Bank$, Action Bronson, Lupe Fiasco, Portishead, The Weeknd, and Kanye as some of the main influencers on your music. Could you go into detail on the impact they had on you?

Those artists really shaped how I write and construct songs and albums. I try to write with the same detail as Earl. Earl is really the GOAT, probably my biggest influence along with Vince. They’re both perfect MCs in my opinion; how they say shit, the beat selections, it’s all perfect.

Describe working with Cameron Butler and your relationship with him?

Cam’s the homie for real. His work ethic is crazy, I wish I could pump out quality as fast as him. He can make dope shit however he wants over whatever he wants. We’ve known each other for probably 2 years and we’ve always done shit together here and there, but “Track Meet” is the first song we put out.

What was it like moving from state to state throughout your life?

I didn’t like moving as a kid, but you get used to it after a while. If anything it made me more sociable since I had to make new friends all the time. But I’ve loved living in NC for the last 12 years.

Do you feel as though all the different cultures you experienced living all over the US mixes into your music?

My experiences in NC mostly impact my music since I’ve been here almost half my life. I’ve been from the country to the city here so I’ve met a lot of different people and been in different situations. I tend to focus on present or recent times when I write.

What was life like at home in Chapel Hill?

Life in Chapel Hill changed me. I met amazing people, went through heavy shit, all of that. It also helped me get into the local scene and work with more people in the state. Its more of a second home though, I just moved out there for college. Home is always Harnett County, but I always put on for Chapel Hill too because I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t experienced it.

Hip-Hop in the Carolinas seems to be a mash up of all different styles, how would you describe it?

North Carolina’s style in my opinion is dexterity. Dudes out here rap over all types of beats. I think that’s a product of Carolina not having a superstar rapper when hip hop was still young.

If you could work with one artist locally who would it be?

My boy PAT Junior. I’ve known him personally for about 5 months and he gives me great advice every time I see him. He’s got to be one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met.

Last question, if you look through your twitter you can see you enjoy all kinds of video games. Would you describe yourself as a gamer and what are your personal favorites?

I’m definitely a gamer. I have at least 300 games no lie. I don’t play as much as I wish I could nowadays, being grown and what not. My recent favorites are Persona 5 and Monster Hunter World. Tony Hawk and God of War are my favorite series of all time. I try to replay all of them once a year. And of course the WWE games. I’ve bought every WWE game since I was 5.

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