Grammy Award Winning Artist Grace Weber Releases Two New Songs “space jam” & “so solitary”. Listen Here!

Just like that, Grammy Award winning artist Grace Weber blesses the masses with two beautiful new songs. Fresh off performing with Chance The Rapper at Lollapalooza South America, Grace releases songs “space jam” and “so solitary”. Although these songs aren’t singles from her forthcoming debut album, they give us a taste of what we can expect. Think of it like this: Grace tosses fans two amazing songs that were cut from the album. Now imagine what the album must sound like. It’s a win-win.


Photo by Lissy Elle Laricchia

The first song “space jam” has a fitting title. Grace sings of planets, gravity, time travel and all that space shit 100% better than Einstein ever could. If anything, Grace wins the award for describing their love for someone. Not only does she sound well singing but how do you top someone saying their “love is so deep we find new planets”? Not sure, but that line’s coming to a significant other near you.

On the second song “so solitary”, Grace sings about the joys of being alone over a warm bubbling beat. “So solitary. I’m alone in a way but it’s amazing when you find out what you’ve been missing.” Grace lullabies. With winter finally fading away I’m sure we’ve gotten quite cozy with ourselves and hopefully have learned that being alone isn’t all that bad.


Grace has a busy month ahead of her. Not only is she preparing the release of her debut album sometime this year she is also touring the month away with Thirdstory. Grace is also a co-founder of Grace Weber’s Music Lab. The Music Lab is a non-profit organization based in Milwaukee that is working to bring teens of different backgrounds together through music. Visit for more information.

Stream the two new songs below:



The cover art of these two songs were done by student artists Beatrice Lintner (“space jam”) of Barnard College and Amanda Ba (“so solitary”) of Columbia University.

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