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[PREMIERE] “Much Love” by Zoe Monet

You probably have gone your whole life without knowing who Zoe Monet is. Today, that changes. Sharing a piece of her story in her new song, “Much Love”, Zoe lets the world know a little of her inside life and a lot of her talent.

“Much Love” is a personal ballad from Zoe. “In this song I’m essentially talking to my ex in the aftermath of a failed relationship. In the lyrics, I’ve moved on with my life and I’m feeling myself but he’s caught up on me and is trying to have a presence, so I’m setting the record straight, like ‘why do you want me now, when you didn’t appreciate me then?'” She details. The track itself is like an unraveling of sorts. There were clearly layers in the relationship that are being pulled back after each line. Zoe’s beautiful voice floats over a hazy introspective beat. “I use my music as therapy, it’s how I document everything and this song is a representation of a period in my life where I was really finding myself, despite coming out of relationship/breakup that I thought had defined me. It didn’t.” She states. An obvious seasoned song-maker, our only complaint is that we’re only getting one song.

Zoe Monet is currently perfecting her sound which melds hip-hop and R&B beats with her rich vocals, independent spirit and crafted lyricism. She is also focusing on her personal projects and is hoping to release singles in the coming seasons. 

After dropping her EP, Z, at 17 years old, Zoe has seemingly dedicated her life to music. From taking up Music Studies at The University of Southern California to having a hand in projects from upcoming rappers to even winning USC’s College Talent Tour (2016), Zoe undoubtedly will have a career in music. It’s best to get familiar with her now. Stream Zoe Monet’s new song, “Much Love” below.

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