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Raury Brings us Back to Forest With Surprise Album “The Woods”

Although Raury’s birth certificate states he is from Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Raury is truly at peace whilst in the woods. To celebrate leaving Columbia records, Raury has blessed us with twenty-two songs in a surprise project titled “The Woods.” Always vocal, Raury didn’t hide his criticism of his former label while speaking to djbooth  “It was like they were trying to put me in a position of fear and weakness so I could run out of money and they could control me. I would rather die than be controlled.” In the end, Raury cited creative differences as the reason he left Columbia.

Always pushing the limits, Raury has been on a low-key tour of sorts. The twenty-one-year-old, has been holding last-minute shows at various parks and forests across the south. As Raury brings us back to our roots the outdoors, returning to the mother nature that created us.

The project itself is a genre blender per the norm of any Raury project. Raury explores new genres such as reggae with the cheerful track

“Cyanide of Love.”  This new project also has a  clear emphasis on the amount of acoustics used, something that Raury has introduced into many of his classic songs on his current tour. Don’t let this confuse you, however, Raury still drops hard lyrics on songs  “A Million Years,” “Asstrology,” “Befo I’m 25,” and several others. The best part about this project is that it is all for free and available for listening on Raury’s soundcloud.

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