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Roland Awes with Psychedelic new Track “When I Dream”

Atlanta’s most unknown and brilliant, Roland has returned from his hiatus. Roland is one of our favorite artists ever since we first heard his electric and dance-worthy track “Forza 4,” eight months later Roland only continues to improve. Never running out of stamina Roland has released constant  self-produced bangers seemingly every month since.  Songs such as  “Rock the Boat,” “Roli Poli Oli” and “Mayday” explored Roland’s trap roots in Atlanta. Whilst songs like “Trash” explored Roland’s deeper side, discussing depression, relationship troubles, and self-doubt.

Per the usual, Roland has come out with another stunner.  “When I Dream,” is a euphoric melody where Roland explores his dreams.  The hook is crisp and perfect to sing along to. Although this isn’t Roland’s deepest release it is one of his best. Reverting to one of his more traditional themes “When I Dream” is centered around Roland’s positive experiences with women rather than his usual negative outlook. The lyrics show Roland’s idealistic world, full of smiles and beautiful women. “When I Dream” is one of Roland’s put drops and is well worth the listen.


Catch up with Roland through his twitter or soundcloud.

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