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Why Kanye and Kid Cudi are Already One of the Most Iconic Duos of the Last Decade


In 2004, inside a Virgin Records Store, Kid Cudi then just Scott Mescudi told his future mentor and friend Kanye West that he had the potential for greatness. Four years later, Kid Cudi’s innovative mixtape “A Kid Named Cudi” had Kanye calling for Cudi this time. Cudi had a major impact on Kanye’s controversial but unprecedented “808s and Heartbreak.” Ever since the duo began to collaborate, Cudi has been featured on every single Kanye album and Kanye has had several impressive verses on Cudi’s tracks. Kid Cudi even wrote “Heartless one of Kanye’s best selling songs

In total, the duo has had enough collab efforts to already make a medium sized album, but with their up and coming collab album “Kids See Ghosts” the duo have cemented themselves as a legit tandem within the ranks of Hip-Hops greatest. Even with the small sample size, the duo has undisputedly been one of the most influential acts amongst hip-hop over the last decade. Even if you consider the two to have done this relatively on their own, without Kanye we don’t get Kid Cudi and without Kid Cudi, we don’t get the modern Kanye we see today. Whether it’s been as a solo act or together Kanye and Cudi have been pushing hip-hop further than any duo in recent memory.

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