Tyler, The Creator Continues the Remix Train with “Peach Fuzz”

A day after Tyler dropped the reimagined “No Validation” by Jacquees, Tyler has hopped on Prophet’s “Wanna Be Your Man”. Just like his “No Validation” rendition “Gelato”, “Peach Fuzz” is aligned sonically with his last album Flower Boy.

Tyler made a song that can easily assert itself with the copious amounts of love melody attempts by Tyler, but it does not stand out–“Peach Fuzz” works as a throwaway and nothing more. Unlike his friend Frank Ocean, the remixes and Flower Boy leftovers have not stuck their landings. Ocean spent last summer releasing “Chanel”, “Biking” and “Lens” which have all worked their way into his fanbases hearts. The songs that Tyler has released “Okra”, “Rose Tinted Cheeks” and “435” have come and gone. “Gelato” and “Peach Fuzz” will more than likely suffer the same fate.

The difference between the two artists is that Ocean was attempting a new sound with those loosies he released. Tyler has tried to recreate that Flower Boy sound which is understandable because it is arguably his best album to date, but at the same time suffering from it because of its lack of standout material.

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