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Luke Almighty’s Production Shines on New Album, “Deliver Us From Evil”

Back in April, we featured an artist named Luke Almighty who was quickly making a name for himself in the Chicago’s underground rap scene. Working with artists like SupaBwe and Duffle Bag Buru, it showed that he’s a producer that all rappers should have on speed dial. In the showcase, he announced that an album was in the works, and finally, “Deliver Us From Evil” has been delivered to the public. The album is entirely produced by Luke with some help from fellow producers Bruiser3100, Machobeats, and 5heriff. The album also gets elevated with the help of a ton of featured rappers: Hatesonny, Kahrion, Freako, Adot, Jose Franco, Duffle Bag Buru, Rooski, Marquesisdead, Velaseff, Nancyamore, and Bigbodyfiji.

Luke’s production style on this album is a sound that can fit any vibe you’re looking for; Guitar riffs on “CERTAIN” and “DAY DREAMS” make them songs of the summer, while”HERSCHEL” and “ZOOM” are concert bangers that’ll make you wanna mosh. The production on this album shows great diversity, representing emotional highs and lows coinciding with the lyrics said by the many featured rappers. “NUMB” is a great example of this, being one of the few songs that allow a deeper and introspective look into the mind of Hatesonny.

Luke Almighty is in top form on his new album and we can’t wait to see what he’ll put out next and with who.

Stream “Deliver Us From Evil” on Soundcloud right here:


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