Listen to “RAIN” by Billy Lemos & Kopano

Producer Billy Lemos has been quickly making his name known by delivering bright, lo-fi beats and collaborations with a roster of talented vocalists for his debut “SELF” EP. With a new project titled “AWKWARD” on the way, the Iowa native has linked up with Chicago-based artist Kopano for a new single titled “RAIN”. It’s hard not to start smiling the second the drums start hitting on this track, and the wave of happiness persists as Kopano’s sweet vocals lift a listener’s spirits to their peak. Lemos keeps the beat refreshingly clean on this track, supplementing Kopano’s cooing harmonies with not much else but a catchy guitar riff and a punchy drum pattern.

Get to know Billy Lemos in his interview with Pigeons and Planes here, and also check out his song “bebé” featuring VICTOR INTERNET here.

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