DaBaby Makes Massive Improvements with Baby Talk 5

Charlotte’s own, DaBaby is one of the enigma’s that have come out of the most recent trend in underground southern hip-hop, Carolina based artists. Dababy’s rap career started slowly in 2014, when he gave up “the street life” and realized he could impact people through his music. Arguably the most popular hip-hop artist from the Carolinas outside of Deniro Farrar or J-Cole, Dababy first made a name for himself at the 2017 South by Southwest music festival, when a video surfaced of the young rapper walking around in just a diaper. Although this marketing attempt gave him some attention, Dababy proved he wasn’t a gimmick after releasing tracks like “Pull Up Music,”Gorilla Glue,” and “Above the Rim.”

Unlike some of his other projects, DaBaby gave this one his time and it shows in the quality of the music at hand.  The production is crisp and Dababy’s flow is overwhelmingly improved from some of his earlier projects. The wait was well needed: before “Baby Talk 5”, DaBaby had released five albums within a two year period. This led to the quality varying tremendously with some tracks showing true musical genius and others feeling like they were just made as filler. This changed with his last album: on “Back on My Baby Jesus Sh!t”, DaBaby had his first truly great album. The thirteen tracks were all well crafted with solid lyrical content and a fast-paced hard-hitting flow.

With the momentum still flowing from the stellar outro “Pull Up Music” on his last album, it’s almost like DaBaby keeps the fire going with the first song on “Baby Talk 5″ .”Today” is arguably the best song on the project. Several tracks later, listeners are hit with the mid-way point of the album and the deepest moment within it. The track “Itch” reflects on how gang life has affected his family and friends in a negative light. Wrapping it up, the outro “Tax Time” features what might be the best production on the entire album. The passionate lyrics are cut short with a sudden cut off at the 1:30 mark, only keeping us hungry for what DaBaby will throw at us with “Baby Talk 6.”

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