Loona Dae and Eddie Burns Capture Summer Love on ‘Summertime (U Remind Me)’

Soulful Chicago singer-songwriter Loona Dae sets out to craft the perfect soundtrack for your summer love on her latest single. “Summertime (U Remind Me)” succeeds at painting a sonic picture of what it feels like to fall for someone while capturing an equally vivid image of the season. Whether she’s writing candidly about the spontaneity of her love or cooing out airy vocal runs, Dae allows her mind to wander, letting out whatever soulful inflections come to her in the moment. Eddie Burns, who has been making noise throughout the Chicago underground scene with his brother IZ as the Burns Twins, treats Dae’s vocals with precise, impactful instrumentation. With floating synth pads and drums that pop through the mix, Burns’ composition allows Dae’s songwriting abilities to levitate without interruption or distraction. Together, the two artists capture the seemingly infinite lifespan of summer love, along a listener to stay in the daydream for just a moment longer.

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