Listen to Appleby’s Beautiful and Nostalgic Song, “Young Lost Love”

Chicago pop artist Appleby comes through to deliver a beautiful new song titled, “Young Lost Love”. Appleby’s gorgeous and melodic voice accompanied by Elias Abid’s equally gorgeous and spacey production makes this song a must-listen.

“Life is hopeless, hope you know this. Don’t know what to do.”

This verse by Appleby on this song reflects the mindset of most adults today and longs for the days when these thoughts weren’t crowding his brain. With sounds of children playing and laughing, it’ll make any listener nostalgic and reflect on the beauty of childhood innocence. It also seems like the Chicago singer is reflecting on a now-ended relationship with someone close to him, another reason to want to go back in time to a happier setting.

Listen to Appleby’s new song here:

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