Nick Carter Green drops an instant summer jam with “San Andreas”

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Nick Carter Green, and perhaps this hiatus was all by design. The Chicago artist has maintained a relatively low profile in the music scene, opting to release a select few singles in the past couple years, patient to hone his craft and make every move count. A couple weeks ago, he unleashed the Tory Lanez-remix “4 Me”, and today, Green returns for the second time this summer with another single that aims to capture the spirit of the season.

On “San Andreas”, he channels his strongest West coast hip-hop vibes, basking in the sun-baked, soul-sampled production courtesy of Fresco Stevens and guitarist Sam Mitchem. Paying homage to the classic Grand Theft Auto title, Green’s verses match the uninhibited, reckless lifestyle of the GTA world with his own reality. As he paints vivid images of speeding in his car under the beating sun, it’s clear Green is going for a banger with this track.

Back when C&R was first getting started, we had the rare pleasure of sitting in on Nick during a studio session in Chicago. Get to know the elusive, talented musician in our piece here, and listen to “San Andreas” below.

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