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Sen Morimoto is Chillin in his New Music Video for “People Watching”

Kyoto-born and 88rising star Sen Morimoto is a jack of all trades when it comes to his music; the combination of his relaxing rap flow, chill singing voice, and jazz-centric production makes for a beautiful composition. “People Watching” embodies all of these elements and is the perfect soundtrack for a chill stroll in Chicago: which is exactly what the Chi-Town-based artist does.

The video was directed by cinematographer Scott Cramer who’s also worked with notable artists like Zach Hill, Daryl Hall, Willhaven. The video centers around Sen Morimoto wandering around Chicago in different settings like the bustling streets or the crowded trains. He even lets some anger out and destroys an abandoned house, crushing the walls and bashing furniture with a sledgehammer. All of this happens among the musical backdrop of a beautiful jazz piece where Morimoto raps and sings very introspectively about the nature of people watching and love itself.

Check out the music video put out by 88rising here:

Make sure to also check out his latest LP, Cannonball!

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