Childish Gambino Delivers Two Very Different Summer Bops on “Summer Pack”

Solo: A Star Wars Story has really failed to captivate the public and take over the summer, but Donald Glover (a.k.a. Childish Gambino) isn’t going out quietly.

“Summer Pack” offers two similar songs in terms of sound but two very vastly different messages. Both songs offer a sound that fits more in with Kauai. The smooth melodic daydream of a project that offers the lush vocals from Bino we’ve grown accustomed to.

The first track, “Summertime Magic” is a steamy crooning record that Bino fans have come to love. The song can easily fit on the Kauai tracklisting, but does not feel like a leftover from that era.

You feel like summertime
You took this heart of mine
You’ll be my valentine in the summer, in the summer
You are my only one
Just dancing having fun
Out in the shining sun of the summer, of the summer

This type of track carries the mood of a summer love so well, but with Bino’s charisma, it could survive during any season.

The second track, “Feels Like Summer”, offers the same lush production as the previous song, but it contains more of the “what’s on your mind” subject matter–a motif that was previously present in Gambino’s “Late Night Kauai”.

Gambino’s lyrics feel less like inconsequential rambling and more like worrisome thoughts of the world. He touches on everything from our technology-dependent society to global warming to the colony collapse of bees. The track comes off in a way that’s not preachy, sounding closer to the late night summer thoughts we all have when we are around friends and discussing the weirdest shit.

“Feels Like Summer” may not light up radio stations, but “Summertime Magic” might. With that said, Bino has provided two very distinct tracks that do not disrupt your laid-feelings of the summer–the intention of this care package.

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