Tatiana Hazel – “Knew You Would”

In the throws of working on a new project, Chicago singer-songwriter Tatiana Hazel has shared a glimpse at what she’s been working on this summer with the release of a new single, “Knew You Would”. While I’d heard her name in the past, I’ll admit I had never dug deep into Hazel’s music. But, the second I hit play on this track, I immediately realized the error of my ways and went back through every track Hazel has released so far. What I found in the process was a new, promising voice out of the city who was making music quite unlike anything else I’ve heard in the scene thus far, and a sound that has yet to break into the mainstream–although, it really ought to soon.

Through airy, vibrato-heavy coos, Hazel crafts lyrics that make her point crystal clear from the get-go. “I wasted all this time trying to be someone you might like”, she immediately opens “Knew You Would” admitting the love she’s spoiled on someone undeserving. Hazel tells the tale of misguided affection and being caught in the web of someone who you’d do anything for, hoping they’ll reciprocate. It’d be easy for this track to fall into the abyss of just-another-love-song, but that’s where Hazel’s songwriting saves the day, interchanging between English and Spanish throughout the track with impressive fluidity and finesse. The result is a fresh take on a theme as old as time, tied together by Hazel’s sharp tongue and delicate yet powerful vocal presence.

Press play on Tatiana Hazel’s “Knew You Would” below, and stay tuned as we look forward to covering her more in the future.

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