Meet Suri, your new mysterious pop obsession

A quick scroll through suri, pop’s Soundcloud page unveils the steady progression of an elusive artist’s sound over the past year. As the jagged edges and barebones of tracks get refined into some full-blown bangers, Suri’s disposition toward sparse, dark production contrasted with upbeat, addictive melodies remains consistent throughout. Aside from the music itself, not much information is present to put Suri, who’s based on the East coast, into context. With that said, the music seems sufficient enough to prove that Suri is an immensely promising songwriter, with an especially strong knack for crafting catchy pop melodies delivered in a way that seems to draw inspiration from pop-punk, trap and electronic music all at the same time.

I reached out to Suri via email to find out more about the mysterious musician whom I first came across on Soundcloud a few months ago. Check out some of the highlights and get to know Suri in the following interview excerpt, and check out a selection of Suri’s singles so far below:

Introduce yourself:
suri, spent most of my time on the east coast, i love pittsburgh, my guess is im around 2000y/o

How long have you been making music?
been making music in some capacity my whole life, mom had me in lessons, dad showed me how to rap n at, only started making beats w my friends around 2 years ago now

Who are some of your musical influences?
firstly my friends around the world, they’re all super talented
more contemporary:
lil peep rip, sad boys, chief keef duh,
less so: Gil Scott Heron, the zombies, Greenday

What’s your songwriting process like?
If we’re lucky enough to get in the studio together, clyde will play something and i’ll freestyle from looking at my tweets, usually that can turn into a reference track. i like using my tweets bc i wasn’t thinking about making a song when i wrote it, just something that was on my mind

Are you working on any projects at the moment?
another round of singles with features this time hmu 😛

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would they be?
suri,pop x kerokerobonito
also my cousin glenn

What’s your next goal in music?
play more shows w my friends!

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