“Frequency” – Elton, Bedows, and Burns Twins

Back in December, multi-faceted musicians Elton, Bedows, and Burns Twins made waves with their collaborative EP “Sun Shower,” combining their collective talents to craft a bright, soulful collection of songs that got their names on the radar of anyone who happened to hit play. Today, the eclectic combo return with the first single off their forthcoming “Side Eye” project.

“Frequency” may be the group’s strongest song yet, and no doubt one of their most instantly memorable. They achieve a level of excitement on this song through surprising compositional switch-ups, utilizing horn-section breaks and jazzy key riffs that keep a listener on their toes the whole time. Elton’s contribution is a flex in lyrical dexterity, filling every contour of the punchy beat with fine-tuned flows punctuated for maximum impact. And as if the group wasn’t already solid enough, they bring in PIVOT Gang-affiliated tour de force Jean Deaux for a killer verse that turns the jam session up another melodic notch. At under 3 minutes, “Frequency” offers a taste of what to expect from Elton, Bedows, and Burns Twins’ second collaborative effort, and it’s just enough to hold listeners over until “Side Eye“ drops July 24.

Stream “Frequency” below, and stay up on our latest Q&A with Bedows here.

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