“Out My Head!” – theWHOevers

Although they’ve had a surge of new material lately, don’t be fooled, hip-hop duo theWHOevers have been doing this for a minute. Since they first linked up in 2012, artists JE$$E and Lloyd Dotdot have been consistently matching textbook lyricism with bounce style production, making for a sound that’s stood the test of time and continues to win over fans new and old.

“Out My Head!”, the latest in a slew of collaborative and solo work the two have been churning out all summer, pushes things toward the funkier side. Producer Brahmulus helps to lay down a smooth beat that JE$$E and Lloyd easily find their footing on. Through flows that are rattled off with the ease of a seasoned emcee and airy melodies that hover above in a laidback daze, “Out My Head!” is an escape route from the bullshit and pressure of everyday life—the kind of track that just reminds you to have a good time.

With this song along with the boom-bap banger “G4B” under their belt, things are looking up for theWHOevers as they prepare for their forthcoming album “down 2 earth”, which is expected to arrive soon.

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