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‘Peaks’; A Playlist Series [@SoHelpMeCam]

In 2017 I found a show on Netflix called Twin Peaks. It’s a 90’s show, the best era of television in my opinion. Hairstyles, technology, cultural references, the whole bit seems far removed from today. From the first episode to the show’s premature season two ending (Twin Peaks: The Return is some weird bullshit), every element was ever changing. What may have started as a murder mystery eventually contorts and twines into a faintly memorable supernatural love story. That’s just a series theme summary. comedy and horror may be on opposing sides of a genre spectrum but director David Lynch makes them seem like first cousins. The intricacies of Twin Peaks are endless, important and ever inspiring. Yes, the cheesy kind of inspiring that makes you want to make a heavily-musically layered playlist representing thematic layers I hope to capture as well as Lynch.

Below are playlists I made with songs containing a range of subject matter appearing as random as a Twin Peaks episode but still pertaining to where I am in my life. Release dates of the playlists aren’t set. The goal is monthly but reality is whenever I feel like it.
Listen below


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