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Toxic EP – Tatiana Hazel

After releasing her single “Knew You Would” earlier this month, singer-songwriter Tatiana Hazel returns in full effect with her new EP “Toxic”.

Over these 7 tracks, Hazel offers up pure pop and dance music coupled with her one-of-a-kind voice. She fills every lyric with her vibrato-heavy vocals, often layered in a way that adds weight to her words. She writes about love and heartbreak with a sharp tongue and self-awareness, often revealing emotions through songwriting that most would keep concealed. It’s this balance of vulnerability and rawness that makes “Toxic” more earnest than your average pop record. Whether she’s leaving her bullshit job in pursuit of her bigger goals on “Imma Be” or bringing the fieriness of a P!NK song on “Patience”, Hazel mixes fragility with bravado. As she opens up deep emotional channels, she does so over production that you can’t help but dance to, almost acting as a reminder to not take yourself too seriously.

Listen to Tatiana Hazel’s “Toxic” EP below:

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