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C&R Profiles | N8: “Heaven On Earth”

“I’m trying to make stadium music. Where it feels like a Jay Z song, or a Kanye song, or a Drake song…”, N8 proclaims in Color & Rhyme’s first of many to come artist profiles this month.

Time has passed since his last attempt at music. Lots of it. But personal growth and intellectual investments are what N8 has been collecting while on his hiatus from music. From this evolution comes a rejuvenated artist with something to prove. A rap renaissance of sorts. With the clear goal of making music that fills arenas, N8’s passion is more visible than ever. To be clear, that passion has never left. That same passion that was there since he started rapping at seven years old and been with him ever since will be made known once again. Through anger, disappointment, and distant future resolve, N8 is fitting together the final pieces of his forthcoming album, Heaven On Earth.


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