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DOUBLE FEATURE – Blake Saint David & Aidan Ochre

With a consistent streak of new music this summer, it feels like Blake Saint David evolves with each new piece they drop. Every track reveals something new, whether it be an expansion of Blake’s sound or an exploration of a different part of Blake’s psyche. For this latest release, Blake unravels yet another part of their music while teaming up with New York artist Aidan Ochre.

On “DOUBLE FEATURE”, the two young, independent voices work in tandem to hand-craft two intimate and heartfelt tracks. Side A, “TEMPORARY”, comes as a breezy reminder not to take life too seriously. In our interview with Blake earlier this year, they mentioned the idea of “temporary places and temporary faces” being a consistent theme throughout their life. This track embodies that sentiment in all its elements, brought into fruition by Ochre’s smooth vocals and floating background vocals that practically are asking to be sung along to. Side B, “NOWHERE”, sets its footing in a similar emotional space. As they meditate on the anxiety and pressure that comes with growing up, the epic hook feels like a shot of reassurance meant just as much for the listener as it is for the artists themselves.

Blake Saint David and Aidan Ochre make a collaborative effort to find stability in the midst of uncertainty with “DOUBLE FEATURE”, leaving listeners wanting to hear what else the two have in the works. Listen below:

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