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C&R Profiles | CJ Run: “A league of their own”

Before meeting CJ Run in person, I had an odd feeling that I already knew the 20-year-old musician pretty well. That feeling probably originates from the fact that vignettes into CJ’s life are opened all throughout their discography so far.

Whether CJ’s singing about love with uncanny vulnerability or writing about the complexities of being a non-binary rapper, they approach seemingly intimate topics with a sense of breeziness and self-assurance. CJ’s recent decision to leave college in pursuit of music full-time attests to their determination to make this career work, and they’ve already started to see the results: earlier this summer, CJ’s song “Spaghetti” hit over 100K plays on Spotify. No doubt a milestone in any musician’s career in 2018, things are looking up as CJ prepares to drop their debut album “Run’s World”.

Get to know CJ, their songwriting process, and their role as both an artist and a representative of their communities in our video profile below:

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