Jean Deaux comes alive on “Back 2 You”

Just when you thought you had Jean Deaux figured out, the singer, songwriter, video director, and all-around creative powerhouse throws you for a loop. Her ability to dodge being boxed-in to any one genre is what has made her one of the most exciting voices to watch in Chicago for some time now, and she reminds listeners of this finesse with “Back 2 You”.

On her latest single, the PIVOT-affiliate seems to put the range of her talents on auto-pilot, handling the track with an ongoing sense of effortlessness that makes it all the more fun to listen to. Deaux gives us some textbook RnB melodies to carry the track’s hook, making sure her raspy, airy vocals get imprinted in a listener’s head. On the verses, she moves in flows that can’t be contained, switching cadences so seamlessly that it’s tough to keep pace. With so much going on vocally, Deaux doesn’t need much to shine and PIVOT Gang’s in-house producer Phoelix knows that. Cooking up an irresistible bounce accented with muted keys, he meets Deaux’s dynamic songwriting with just enough elements to bring the song to life.

Jean Deaux sounds in her bag on “Back 2 You”, offering one of her strongest songs to date and doing so while staying true to her own soulful sound.

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