Killavesi’s “Bummer Summer” is the song of the summer you didn’t know you needed

If you haven’t heard Killavesi’s music before, her latest track might be an odd, yet awesome, place to start. The experimental Chicago artist has consistently pushed limits of the trap genre and merged them with her own alternative rap style. However, on “Bummer Summer”, Killavesi trades in her cold bars for dreamy melodies to make the song of the summer you didn’t know you needed.

Killavesi’s ode to summer love isn’t always picture perfect when looking closer at her verses. As she sings, “How can I enjoy summer? I’m aching. Summer, bloody summer”, Killavesi offers a more visceral account of her feelings. This unexpected, stark songwriting in contrast to the euphoric, shoegaze production by Marius has a numbing effect when paired together. Asn if she weren’t already elusive enough, Killavesi throws us an intriguing curveball on “Bummer Summer”, and in the process, encapsulates one of those summer days that seems like it’ll never end.

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