Get in your feelings with KAINA on “F*Cked UP

Since KAINA dropped her debut solo project earlier this year, it’s been tough to deny the inimitable talent that the Chicago singer-songwriter possesses. Her new song ‘F*Cked Up” takes a detour from the more bubbly energy that radiated from her “4U” EP in favor of subdued, moodier tones.

The track steeps in an unsteady rhythm that’ll leave you with a permanent stank face, underscoring the state of mind KAINA writes about. “Sit around, think about all the times we didn’t kiss” she ruminates, letting go of a vulnerable thought that will no doubt resonate with anyone who tends to overthink situations. Sometimes words aren’t the best vessel to get our emotions across, though, as evidenced by this song’s bridge. Trading in lyrics for heavily-distorted coos, the track shifts gears into a hazy state of delirium. It’s a perfectly-timed emotional peak, and when it dissipates, we’re left to focus on KAINA’s airy yet strong vocal presence.

Working again with close collaborator and friend Sen Morimoto (who’s featured on the song’s cover art), the two musicians continue to merge their talents in an organic, seamless form. Together, they deliver another memorable piece of music—one that may get you in your feelings in the best way possible.

Listen to “F*Cked Up” below and be sure to check out KAINA’s exclusive performance at the North Michigan Ave Apple Store this Friday. RSVP here

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