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“Pop Tracks & Love Songs” – Brendan Bennett

Hailing from Southwest Florida, songwriter Brendan Bennett has been steadily setting his foundation over the past couple of years. Having his hand in multiple projects released under his collective, GoldCoast, and playing sold-out shows wherever he could throw one, he’s honed his craft and built up a loyal fanbase. His story thus far culminates in “Pop Tracks & Love Songs”, Bennett’s debut solo album out today.

Bennett stays consistent to the album’s title over 7-tracks, hitting listeners with a barrage of sticky bubblegum melodies about love, heartbreak and everything in between met with crisp 808s and crafty flows. He doesn’t necessarily aim to break new ground, instead opting for tried-and-true forms and polished pop production. And while it’s especially hard to separate yourself in a flourishing pop-rap scene, Bennett’s attention to detail is where he really sets himself apart from the pack. A track like “Skeletons” could easily land on your city’s top-40 station, making it hard to believe it didn’t come from some major label artist with a team of professionals behind them. Bennett’s able to craft independently a sound that’s big enough to rival industry powerhouses, and while a lot of artists in his same arena lack authenticity, Bennett still carries a sense of genuineness through his songwriting.

On “Pop Tracks & Love Songs”, Brendan Bennett delivers an introduction to his hitmaking potential while making his commitment to his craft undeniable. Stream the full project below:

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