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Watch Omar Apollo’s new music video for “Erase”

Omar Apollo continues to bring his recently released “Stereo” project to life with a series of impressive visuals that bring the lovestruck–and at times heartbroken–haziness of his songs to life. The latest visual from the project accompanies “Erase”, no doubt one of the standout tracks off the EP and one of Apollo’s most emotionally intimate tracks to date.

The young Indiana-based artist collaborates again with director Kevin Lombardo, who he’s worked with on multiple music videos and a short documentary, along with cinematographer Daniele Colombera. Together, they dream up a concept that’s fitting for “Erase”. As Apollo maneuvers around a house seemingly the morning after a party, all the guests appear to be passed out. He dances, draws on faces, and picks up bottles in a stupor, as everything around him appears frozen leading up to the video’s trippy conclusion. A viewer starts to wonder what’s real and what’s all in his head, coinciding with the song which fixates on a faded love that you just can’t get off your mind.

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