Dara writes from the heart on soulful new single, “Liar”

Hiatus often paves a tough road back for an artist, especially in music, when the weight of ‘what’s next’ only grows heavier with time. The first piece an artist comes back with is expected to be some definitive statement, maybe even a new beginning of sorts. On her first single in 3 years, Nashville-via-LA songwriter Dara faces that pressure with unfazed finesse.

“Liar” comes straight from the heart of the soulful singer, borne out of her experiences moving to LA at a young age and navigating her first encounters with love. She pens a vulnerable story in her verses of an eye-opening relationship—one where you first learn to question someone else’s genuineness and you begin to distrust your own perceptions about that person. Dara matches this bittersweet revelation with a timeless vocal style that stings long after the song is over, leaving a listener to reflect back on their own similar encounters. The contours of Dara’s songwriting are brought into vivid color through live instrumentation that soars and swells, giving each heart-struck lyric its own emotional weight. This combination makes for a refreshing listen, and as she finishes up her forthcoming EP, Dara’s has our ears on high-alert for whatever else she has in store.

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