Lana Del Rey Returns with “Mariners Apartment Complex”

Lana Del Rey is always on vacation. From Coney Island, to Brooklyn, to Venice, she’s always on the move and her career is littered with references to all the beaches she’s gotten high by and sad girl cities she’s traveled along. But no matter where she goes, misery seems to follow. Her latest outing “Mariners Apartment Complex” is no different, accompanied with a filtered black-and-white video of waves, babes, and butterflies, Lana showcases her sadness to a melody like no other.

The single title is a reference to a 2014 Guardian interview which garnered some backlash from critics due to her liberal use of “I wish I was dead”, who claimed it was insensitive when so many of her fans often use her music as an escape from life’s many troubles. Lana clashed with the publication and the interviewer (this isn’t the only time Lana clashed with an interviewer, a 2014 Rolling Stone cover story famously ended with an upset Lana slamming the door on the interviewer’s face). In the track she reasserts the quote was taken out of context, but better yet, the lyric gives her a regal locale to rhyme with the word “context”.

Clearly the issue has still been on her mind, but it’s not the only Ultraviolence era detail she’s revisiting. The track has the familiar warm nostalgia-heavy feelings many of her slower Ultraviolence ballads had. The music video recalls the same shades as the Ultraviolence cover, only with more smiles this time. If an Ultraviolence sequel is the direction Lana is taking this next project, we can expect the BPM to stay low and the lyrics to stay solemn, but that’s what Lana has always done best.

Listen to Mariners Apartment Complex below

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