LOWLYFE gets stone-cold on impressive ‘King of the Ring’ EP

Usually when a submission email says something like “this is one of the best albums of 2018” or ‘this is bound to be one of the hardest mixtapes you’ve ever heard”, the claim sets expectations so high that they couldn’t possibly be met by the music that follows.

However, when the description attached to LOWLYFE’s new project read “King Of The Ring is honestly one of the best 5 song projects out right now”, something felt different this time around. As I listened, the possibility that this claim might actually ring true became more and more feasible, and perhaps that boastfulness only furthered the stone-cold bravado that the LA-based rapper exudes all throughout this project.

“Spitting lyrical bullets”, as he puts it on the EP’s opening track, LOWLYFE comes off as brash and bold with a voice that pierces through like a fine-tuned sniper. His true-to-self lyricism stands out with its brutal honesty, claiming:

“I ain’t got no Jordan 3’s, and I don’t rock no jewelry. Just listening to Little Dragon; smoking on the coolest trees. Playing street fighter is just something I do usually—for real”.

He works in elements of his life story as well, touching on run-ins with law enforcement and other formative experiences with an unforced no-fucks-given cocksure. The beats, produced by Fo55il, are dismal with an experimental edge that catches a listener off guard just when you thought you’ve got the sound figured out. Interspersed are clips from Stone Cold Steve Austin’s legendary shit-talks, narrating an intriguing 5-track journey that’ll likely ingrain LOWLYFE’s name in your head by the time it’s through. Listen below:

On Apple Music here.

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